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TakeCareDownThere.org is run by Janet, a self-proclaimed health and wellness enthusiast. Five years ago, Janet and her friends decided to put up the site to serve as an online resource for buyers who are specifically looking for massage chairs.
Before she turned 25, Janet was not one bit interested in massage chairs. She simply believed it cannot replace traditional massage therapies. But it all changed when she visited a friend’s home and was convinced to give her friend’s newly purchased massage chair a try. Janet just loved the very relaxing feel after that first try and she was hooked since then. With all the advantages and savings massage chairs could give people in the long run, she became an instant advocate. You can say that the rest is history.
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Team TakeCareDownThere

Janet and the other members of the TakeCareDownThere team know their stuff when it comes to massage chairs. They’ve tried countless products currently available on the market to weigh its advantages and disadvantages. With the team’s effort, you don't have to go around blindly in your search for the perfect home massage equipment.

TakeCareDownThere’s Mission

We know that choosing the massage chair of your dreams can be a nightmarish affair. There are just too many models available on the market right now and it will take a considerable amount of time and effort to inspect the individual features of each equipment. Moreover, the newer models come with hard-to-understand features such as body scanning or zero gravity which might be intimidating to casual buyers.
That is where our team’s expertise comes in. After all, it is TakeCareDownThere.org’s mission to properly educate buyers so they’ll be able to make intelligent buying decisions when it comes to massage chairs.
Feel free to read the tons of massage chair reviews and buying guides you’ll find in this site. Each material has been painstakingly researched by our team to give you an unbiased review on the various products, which include not only the pros but also the cons of each item.
Aside from providing high-quality suggestions, TakeCareDownThere.org also wishes to help enthusiasts by the numerous articles penned by our experienced teammates. You’ll find helpful tips and honest discussions on various massage-related topics as well.
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