Best Massage Chair Review for 2019 : The Ultimate Guide

Stress and body pain are considered to be a constant of life. Although it is not very pleasant to see or hear, it has become a fact today.
On a daily basis, people experience tremendous stress and pain due to several reasons. Whether it may be from school, chain work, or home, these things have become apparent.
Accordingly, massages are some of the best ways to counteract stress and body pain. There are actually a lot of benefits that you can get from a body massage. But, scheduling massage sessions can be difficult, especially for busy people. That is why buying a massage chair might be the answer to these concerns.
Now, buying a massage chair can be exhausting, which is quite ironic, right? But, the stress and exhaustion can be surely replaced with ultimate relaxation if you get to purchase the best massage chair for you.
So, if you are planning to buy one soon, this guide may help you in your search!

Best Massage Chairs: Top Picks By Our Experts

human touch ijoy active

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0

Comfortable and easy to use
Very portable
Check Price
real relax massage chair
Best High-End

Cozzia Shiatsu Massage Chair

The features are innovative
The Zero Gravity is very efficient
Durable and sturdy
Check Price
cozzia 16028 feel good series shiatsu massage chair

Real Relax Electric Massage Chair

Very affordable
Fully-featured massage chair
Check Price

Why You May Need A Massage Chair

Who doesn’t like massages? Well, for most of us, having a body massage is one of the most relaxing things to do. Not only that they can provide us with health benefits, but these massages can really help us alleviate some of the concerns that we have in our bodies.
Of course, anyone who is looking forward to having a massage chair would normally ask if they really need it, in the first place. In actuality, this is just a normal thing to ask since these chairs are not a cheap-buy! As a matter of fact, it would require you a fortune just to have a good, effective, and quality massage chair.
So, if you are wondering whether you need it or not, here are some of the reasons why you may need to get one for yourself.

You Schedule Massage Sessions Regularly

If you are a person who schedules or sets an appointment to have a regular massage, then you might want to consider having your own full body massage chair at home.
Generally, gravity massage sessions with a therapist or a masseuse would cost around $50 up to $300 and above per hour. And surely, this happens more than once a month. There is a great chance that you take a massage session multiple times a month.
In addition, gas and transportation costs should be factors as well in this case.
So, summing it all up, you may end up spending twice or even thrice the price of a decent massage chair. Hence, it might be more practical to get a gravity massage chair in the comfort of your own home.

You Want To Alleviate Your Health Problems

It is already established that massages can offer great benefits to the full body. Whether you are having problems with your back and posture or you have concerns with your legs and joints, an effective massage techniques can help you improve these aspects.
Now, having a massage chair might be the best option for you. And much more when it is placed inside your own safe haven. So, when you feel something that is not really normal for your body, you can easily eliminate these things through the help of a massage.
In the recent times, massage chairs have been proven to help alleviate certain health problems. These include swelling, migraine, minor fracture, and chronic and acute pain.

Moreover, utilizing the most fitting massage chairs for you can help improve your immune system, blood flow, deep tissue massage, regeneration, and the production of your endorphins, or the happy hormones.

So, imagine having all of these benefits regularly by just simply sitting on your chair inside your home. Feels quite relaxing, right?

You Want To Normalize Your Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then there is a huge risk that you might be more prone to different heart diseases, strokes, and other complications.
As it happens, it is found that people who suffer from this condition are the ones who have stressful jobs, imbalanced diet, and unhealthy lifestyle. And all of these things are very much apparent these days, both young and adults.
Actually, hypertension happens when the heart has to work or pump harder than the usual to move and supply blood all over the body. And when this occurs, it would abnormalize your heart and may cause several complications in the long run.
Now, according to studies, having a massage therapy and getting it the most comfortable way has been found to decrease the risks of hypertension. Through the process, the proper massages stimulate the pressure receptors to the nerves.
And as a result, your blood pressure points will normalize naturally and prevents you from having further complications in the long run.

You Want To Relax and De-Stress

There is no doubt about the fact that stress is always around us. On a daily basis, even just by doing the simplest of tasks, we can encounter several stressful situations. And much more if we are to face more challenging responsibilities and complicated matters.
Now, relaxation and rest are some of the best solutions to combat stress. And the most applicable and effective way to do this is by having a massage.
According to studies and research, stress and muscle tension are related to each other. Hence, when you are able to manage all the tension in your muscles, you can definitely relieve the stress and exhaustion that you feel.
Additionally, experts and physicians attest that this can help people reduce anxiety and depression. And the main reason behind it is that through effective massages, the production of your endorphins or the “happy hormones” can dramatically increase in the process.
So, you may really need one of the best massage chairs of today if you think you are suffering from deep stress, anxiety, and depression.

The 10 Best Massage Chairs of 2019

In this guide, we have included 10 massage chairs that we find fitting for different purposes and characteristics. Sure, there are numerous kinds and types. But, these are found to be the top-rated ones.
Get to know each one of them and you may just find the best one for you!

Real Relax Electric Massage Chair

Quick Summary
Airbags: 50
Rollers: 8
Product Dimension LWH: 49.74" x 29.72" x 31.1"
Product Weight: 200 pounds
Warranty: 3 years
Price: Below $1000
The Real Relax Electric Massage Chair is a 2-in-1 chair that you can use either for your massage sessions or your resting periods. If you are done using it as a massage chair, you can actually use it as a recliner chair on a daily basis.
It features different massage options. And in each auto massage program, there are 4 intensity levels: sleep, relax, mild, and strong mode. Plus, all types of massages are well-supported by its 50 airbags and 8 rollers.
Aside from the reclining chair feature, the Real Relax Electric Massage Chair also has a executive Zero Gravity feature that you can use with one touch. And with the use of its remote control, users can set timers and configure massage programs up to 30 minutes.
“I'm 6.5 feet tall and even at my height this Electric Full Body Zero-Gravity chair is pretty darn comfortable fully upright and is TOTALLY comfortable in Zero-Gravity mode”
Very affordable
Fully-featured massage chair
Poor customer service
No return policy
Not ideal for people who have large frames

Osaki OS4000 Executive Massage Chair Deluxe

Quick Summary
Airbags: 25
Rollers: Yes
Product Dimension LWH: 52" x 31" x 34"
Product Weight: 255 pounds
Warranty: No Warranty Information
Price: Below $2500
The Osaki OS4000 Executive Massage Chair Deluxe is one of the mid-range massage chairs of today. But while being in this range, it offers several innovative features that every user can enjoy.
It actually features 25 airbags that are scattered all over the chair. As for the number of rollers, it is not stated in its structural information.
Nevertheless, this massage chair offers several unique features like 2-stage Zero Gravity, Computer Body Scan System, True Ergonomic S Track, and Auto Leg Scan.
These features are very unique in the sense that they offer real convenience, comfort, and relaxation to the users. And because of their respective functions, the massage sessions can be totally tailored depending on your needs and wants.
In addition, the Osaki OS4000 Executive Massage Chair Deluxe has two heating system pads located on the lower lumbar area.
“This chair works fabulous for this and has already saved me quite a bit and has done a more thorough job than going to someone. “
It offers a wide range of massage options and settings
The massage styles can be tailored according to the users’ needs
Pleasing and sturdy appearance
No warranty terms
Difficult to assemble and set up
Too expensive for its quality

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Quick Summary
Airbags: Aircell Massage Technology
Rollers: 4
Product Dimension LWH: 65" x 30" x 40"
Product Weight: 249+ pounds
Warranty: 3 years
Price: Below $2000
The Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 is one of the most popular massage chairs of today. And of the many reasons behind it is that this model comes with 6 different colors and styles. So, if you are looking for a sleek and pleasing massage chair appearance, this might be great for you.
The massage features include L-Track 4 Roller System, Aircell Massage Technology that is scattered all throughout the chair, 3 Zero Gravity positions, 5 Manual Massage functions, and 6 auto massage programs.
The speed of the roller system and air cells massage are highly adjustable. And there are over 3 levels of speeds and intensities for each. Also, this massage chair comes with a heat therapy that focuses on the lower back and legs.
“Technology has come a long way. I love all the auto options and the manual. The chiro and yoga options are awesome. I wish the remote was bigger with more options but it will do.”
It comes with a variety of massage functions
Wide choices for style and appearance
The features are quite innovative
Not very durable
Not ideal for small and large frames of bodies
The heating features have recurring issues

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

Quick Summary
Airbags: n/a
Rollers: n/a
Product Dimension LWH: 32" x 27" x 37"
Product Weight: 49 pounds
Warranty: 90 days
Price: Below $1000
If you have a small space and you are looking for a massage chair, the Human Touch iJoy might be the best one to choose. The overall dimension is rated only at 32” x 27” x 37” with a total weight of 49 pounds.
It is very portable and compact. But while it’s quite smaller in comparison to the conventional massage chairs, many users find this very useful and relaxing.
As it happens, there are no airbags or rollers included in the chair. But, the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair features the patent-pending FlexGlide Orbital Technology. And through this technology, users can choose from three massage styles: Stretch, Glide, and Orbit.
“I've had this chair for a few weeks and I am Not disappointed. I hold a lot of stress in my shoulders and back which makes my neck very tense.”
Comfortable and easy to use
Very portable
Too basic for its price
Ineffective warranty terms
Not ideal for family use

Cozzia 16028 Feel Good Series Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Quick Summary
Airbags: 22
Rollers: n/a
Product Dimension LWH: 55.1” x 29.1” x 46.5”
Product Weight: 171 pounds
Warranty: 1 year
Price: Below $2500
The Cozzia 16028 Feel Good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair is one of the high-end types that offers several innovative features.
When you use this chair, it actually adjusts itself according to your height so the chair will accommodate the users effectively. Also, it has a body scanning system that checks the full body of the user to determine which massage style will be much more appropriate.
But even so, it also features a Smart Control that allows the users to choose the massage that they would like to experience. And there are five pre-programmed massages including Shiatsu, clapping, tapping, kneading, and vibration. All of these have variable speeds, strengths, and intensities.
“I have more energy at work and sleep better. All the years with aches and going to chiropractor and doctor I just wish I would have bought this years ago.”
The features are innovative
The Zero Gravity Massage Chair is very efficient
Durable and sturdy
Short warranty period
There are additional costs to fully enjoy the massage chair

New Forever Rest FR-5Ks Premier

Quick Summary
Airbags: Focused on the lower area of the chair
Rollers: Focused on the lower area of the chair
Product Dimension LWH: 43.5” x 25” x 44”
Product Weight: 175 pounds
Warranty: 5 Years for Frame and Body; 3 Years for All Electronic Parts
Price: Below $1500
If you are after a great and effective customer service support, then you may want to check the New Forever Rest FR-5Ks Premier Massage Chair. Apparently, many customers and users are really impressed with the brand’s after-sales support.
Alongside the customer support efficiency, the warranty terms are also on point. It offers up to 5 years of warranty in its frame and 3 years for all of the electronic parts. And these figures actually ensures its users with enough durability and reliability.
In terms of the features, the New Forever Rest FR-5Ks Premier Massage Chair has 7 different massage styles. These include rolling, tapping, Body Shiatsu, kneading, knocking, vibration, and a combination of both tapping and knocking.
“Was great for 2 weeks. Then a sensor quit. Seller was prompt on sending a new one with instructions to replace it. Quite satisfied. Only complaint is instruction manual could use a rewrite to understand the controller.”
Unique massage features
Effective warranty terms
Approachable and reliable after-sales support
Not ideal for taller people
Lacks other adjustable settings and features
The instruction manual is difficult to understand

Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Quick Summary
Airbags: n/a
Rollers: S-Track Rolling System
Product Dimension LWH: 53” x 33” x 49”
Product Weight: 200 pounds
Warranty: 3 Years for Frame and Body; 3 Years for All Electronic Parts
Price: Below $1500
The Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair is a great type of massage chair that is quite a popular choice of many. It has a lot of massage features and styles that are seen to be effective and efficient.
When you purchase this, you get to experience the 4 automatic programs like Shiatsu, Spinal Rolling, Kneading, and Vibrating. And thanks to its S-Track Rolling System, you can fully rest your back as you proceed with the massage.
“The chair gives you all the features you could possibly want in a massage chair. I just could not justify a $4K up to an $8K chair. This one, at a little over $1K, gives a very good massage”
All-inclusive massage chair
Affordable and worth-it
Great warranty terms
Not comfortable to use
Some massage styles are painful
Difficult to use

Homegear Recliner Chair Electric Massage

Quick Summary
Airbags: n/a
Rollers: n/a
Product Dimension LWH: 34” x 37.5” x 42.5”
Product Weight: 99 pounds
Warranty: unknown
Price: Below $500
The Homegear Recliner Chair Electric Massage is actually the cheapest massage chair in this list. For a price that falls below $500, you can already have a decent massage chair. Also, it has the lightest weight of them all.
But while it is the cheapest, users can still rely on its massage features and capabilities. In fact, it offers the 8-point electric massage system. Plus, it has a heated lumbar region that improves further the relaxation.
Users can also adjust a few settings in its system including the part-per-part massage sections, timer, speed, and intensity levels.
“wow it is awesome!! Sometimes he even lets me sit in it :) massage and heat elements are awesome! Love that it swivels so he can talk to his friends and it has cup holders and pockets.”
Versatile massage chair
Compact and lightweight
Massage features are basic for its price
The warranty terms are unknown
Not very durable

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Massage Chair

Just like any product on the market today, there are several factors that you may have to consider first before buying it. Apparently, these factors may dramatically affect the quality of your purchase.
So, if you really want to get the best and the most appropriate massage chair for you, take these things as a matter of importance. Here are some of them:

1. Low-End vs High-End Massage Chairs

The functions of the massage are, in some way and somehow, dependent on the type of the massage chair.

Usually, low-end massage chairs offer the simplest massage functions. These typically include vibration and rolling massages. Although they may appear as very simple functions, they can be quite effective for some people too.

On the other hand, high-end massage chairs are all-inclusive. More often than not, these chairs offer numerous massage functions that are very much pleasing to its users. These functions usually include reflexology, inversion therapy, and zero gravity.

As you may see, these functions are more advanced and innovative. In fact, they can totally omit the need to see the masseur or schedule a massage session in your spa centers. But of course, as the name implies, these chairs may cost a fortune.

Nevertheless, it is largely up to you which of these types would be the best one for you and your needs.

2. The Structure of The Massage Chair

The structure of the massage chair is an important factor to regard before buying one. This is because it allows the users to know where the massage keys are. If you are looking for a massage chair that can highly focus on your back problems, then might as well check the one that can provide this function.

Usually, massage keys would focus on toes and feet. And there are also massage chairs that offer focus massages on the back and neck and shoulders. Also, there are those chairs that focus the massage keys on their arms and wrists sections. In fact, there are more advanced types that have massage keys on its hands and fingers positions.

But even so, there are, certainly, massage chairs that offer a total massage function for the full body.

So, this factor would depend on your needs and preferences. Just make sure to check these out first.

3. The Design and Build of the Chair

The overall design and build of a massage chair do not only equate to the appearance of the product. As it happens, these factors significantly affect the comfortability and ergonomics of the chair. Moreover, they also have something to do with the materials used in the construction. And mainly, the upholstery of the chair.

On a normal basis, the upholstery of the massage chairs is classified into two categories: genuine leather and synthetic fabrics.

Genuine leather is usually the top choice of fabric for the furnishing and finishing. This material may be comfortable but it cannot greatly withstand heat and friction.

As for the synthetic fabrics, they are naturally engineered to carry heat, wear and tear, and enough durability for long time usage.

4. Massage Power

One of the most important things to consider as well is the strength level/s that a massage chair can offer. Usually, this is one of the top priorities of every interested buyer. The reason behind is that the human full body can adjust fairly to the conventional massages.

And if that happens, the massage may no longer be effective on your condition and state. This is why many massage chairs today offer several power features that are highly adjustable and configurable.

Some common features related to this are massage strength level options, removable paddings, other customizable massage settings.

It is important for you to note that the strength level/s of a massage chair can be affected by numerous factors as well. But the most apparent variable that impacts the power of massage is the number of motors present.

Accordingly, the one that has a much higher number of motors is the one that can provide much stronger massages.
massage power

5. Massage Styles and Features

Massage chairs today come in many variations and styles. And normally, the main thing that sets them all apart from one another is the massage features that they offer.

Some chairs have pre-installed massage programs that allow the users to set their own massage style. And there are others as well that already offer massage programs that would instantly provide everything to the users.

Basically, you will be the judge of these features and styles. It is up to you whether these features will fit your interests and preferences. However, just make sure that these programs are not just additions to make the price even more inflated.

6. Massage Airbags and Rollers

Not all massage chairs offer massage airbags. Most of the time, the chairs that feature this function would cost a little bit higher than the traditional types. This is because massage airbags provide the users with benefits that can help them relieve pain from tensions and stiffness.

Apparently, these airbags are designed to relieve pressure, tension, and pain relief. And these airbags are most commonly found in areas of the chair where the back, legs, neck, and arms are located.

These airbags would inflate themselves to compress the subjected muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.

If you think that having massage airbags would be perfect for you, then we recommend that you find a massage chair that also comes with massage rollers. This is because airbags and rollers, if combined, will definitely help you in many ways throughout your massage session.

Although rollers will complement the way airbags would function, keep in mind that they are not essentially a must-have.

7. Heated Massage: Yay or Nay

Most advanced massage chairs of today are well-equipped with features that can add more comfort and relaxation to every massage session. And one of the most apparent features that can provide such benefits is the heated functions.

Chairs that have heated massage typically offer infrared heat. This will significantly add more efficiency and effectiveness to the massage that is being programmed.

But then again, heated massages are not entirely necessary. Although they provide the users with amazing benefits, users can still obtain an effective massage even without the said feature.

8. To Recline or Not

The reclining features of a massage chair also add comfort, relaxation, and benefits to the users. Today, the most common feature that is related to this is the Zero Gravity.

By and large, the idea of electric full body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair feature is obtained from the whole scenario of astronauts being in the space experiencing zero gravity. And the way it works on the massage chair would start with the chair placing the body in a gravity neutral position.

Through and by this position, your body will naturally decrease your heart rate, relieve tension, and improve blood circulation.

So, all in all, the reclining features are found to offer essential benefits that can definitely heighten up your massage experience.

to recline or not

9. Price and Additional Cost

Massage chairs have become a real investment today. And if you are experiencing a few mishaps on your physical health, especially on your muscles and joints, these chairs would definitely help you in resolving them.

With that being said, it is quite safe to say that massage chairs are not generally cheap. Normally, you will have to spend thousands of dollars to get the best one for you. But of course, the overall costs would depend on your preferred chair and features.

Accordingly, it is practical to keep in mind that as the features get even more innovative and advanced, the price would also increase in its figures.

Today, a mid-range massage chair would have a price that falls between $2500 and $5000. So, expect for these figures to be either much higher or lower depending on the style and type of massage chair that you will be buying.

10. Warranties

Similar to any product on the market, one of the most essential things that you need to check is the warranty terms. On a normal basis, the products that offer the most lengthy and effective warranty terms are usually the ones that must be highly valued.

As stated, these chairs are not really cheap. And surely, you don’t want to buy a product that would not have a repair or replacement term, right?

So, before buying your massage chair, ensure that you have also considered the warranty terms that manufacturer is offering to avoid additional costs in the long run.

Normally, massage chair manufacturers offer 1 up to 3 years of warranty period including the parts and replacement. But, there are other chair brands that offer a more flexible warranty term to provide the ultimate satisfaction to its consumers and clients.

We recommend that you prefer the latter since these brands are usually the most trustworthy ones.

11.  After-Sales Support

This factor is usually one of the most underrated things to consider. There are buyers and consumers who neglect this aspect once they get to choose and buy the product. But, little did they know that the after-sales support aspect is a very essential factor to consider as well.

Keep in mind that the people from the brand’s after-sales department are, most likely, the persons who can help you if ever you encounter problems with your massage chair. Also, they are the people who handle the warranty concerns.

Hence, it is only fitting that you consider this to avoid any convenience in the long run.

Using Massage Chairs Effectively

Some massage chairs are pretty straightforward when it comes to their usage and functionalities. However, there are those chairs that offer a very complicated setup and usage.

Most of the time, you will need the instruction manual by your side in order to master the overall usage of your chosen massage chair. But, what if these manuals are quite difficult to understand?

So, here are some tips for you on how you can maximize your usage of your chosen massage chair:

Start With The Basic

The very first thing that you need to do is to get to know your massage chair. Try it out and, as much as possible, use it regularly. You don’t need to be a master of massage chairs in one day. But, by just knowing the feel and application, it will help you naturally how the chairs work.

Also, you may want to check the settings as well. Most of the time, just by understanding how to manage the settings, you will easily know how the system would work.

Take Off Extra Layers

When you are having a massage from a therapist, we all know that the best and most appropriate way to obtain the benefits is to be half-naked. Although it’s entirely up to you, this is normally done in every massage.

Now, the same thing is true for massage chairs. The thinner the layers of your clothing, the more you will feel the massage styles and features being performed on your body.

But of course, this is not a necessary thing to do. It would still depend on your preferences.

Consult With Specialists

Before using any massage chair, it is very important that you consult first with your specialists and physicians, especially if you are having massages for a certain condition. There are cases that massage chairs can also create negative impact on your body.

Although this would only happen rarely and due to the negligence of the users, it is still practical for you to learn first if a massage chair would not harm you at any cause.

Potential Negative Effects of Massage Chairs

To help you get informed about the potential side effects of massage chairs, here are some points that you may want to check first.

As mentioned, this would only occur if users fail to recognize what their bodies are telling them. Also, if users have histories of injuries or any condition that might be affected by massages, consultation is a must!

Soreness and Pain

It is very normal for anyone to feel soreness and pain after an intense massage session. And users of massage chairs know this too. However, you must understand that this soreness and pain should cool down after a day or two.

If the symptoms persists, it only means that the muscles and nerves are not accustomed to the intensity of the massage. Although this is only a minor discomfort, it can largely result in a much more serious condition if not attended properly.

So, you may want to back off a little with the intensity of the massage that you are taking.

Fatigue and Tiredness

Often times, when users maximize their massage sessions on massage chairs, they tend to feel tired and over-fatigued the next day. This is only normal but you must pay attention to this kind of sensation.

The tiredness that one would feel after a massage is usually caused by the over-stimulation of neurological system. This is because it creates a stress-induced fatigue.

When this happens on your end as you finish your massage session, you must relax and hydrate.

Complications on Existing Conditions

This aspect is the most important thing to look after. As mentioned, if you have pre-existing conditions or prior health issues, you must consult first with a specialist to learn whether the massage styles on the massage chair is just appropriate for you.

When you ignore this part, this could actually result to a more complicated condition or worsen your condition.

If you want to use a massage chair, make sure that you don’t have a fracture, open wounds, blood clots, and osteoporosis. And if you do, ensure that you consult first with the most appropriate persons that handle your case and condition.

Generally, massages are really relaxing and calming. But, it also comes with limitations. So, before having a massage or a massage chair, make sure that your body is ultimately able for this kind of sessions.

And if you are unsure, consultation is the best thing to do in this case. Always listen to what your body is telling you. And don’t ignore the symptoms.

Maintaining and Taking Care of Massage Chairs

As mentioned, massage chairs are investments. And aside from having the most durable type that comes with a good warranty term, it is a must that you maintain and take good care of them.

Certainly, you want to get the best of your thousand-dollar purchase. And for sure, you want for it to last long, as much as possible. But in order for you to do that, the secret does not only lies in its the quality of the product. It also has something to do with how you take good care of it.

Apparently, many establishments and some homeowners would even hire professionals just to have their massage chairs cleaned and maintained. This is because there are chairs that need rigorous cleaning processes just to carry out a successful cleaning and maintenance.

But generally, you don’t really need to hire professional services to have your best massage chair cleaned and maintained. All you need to do is to learn the basic steps and do them properly.

So, if you are wondering how to have your massage chair cleaned and well-maintained without hiring services anymore, here are some tips for you:

When Dealing With Removable Upholstery

  • Some upholstery is removable. But before removing it on the chair, you have to make sure first that it is really removable. Because if not, you might break the lining.
  • Once removed, take away the upholstery somewhere far from the chair since you will be dealing with water, soap, and chemical solutions.
  • Gradually, wipe the upholstery and other parts with a small amount of water and soap. If you have a solution designed for the material, then you may use it.
  • Upon washing, make sure to dry the material out before putting it back into the chair.
  • During the wait, dust out the dirt and strands of hair on the chair. You can further clean it out by wiping the dust.

When the Upholstery Is Not Removable

  • If in case the upholstery is not removable, you may want to wipe and damp softly the massage chair.
  • Be careful not put too much water or solution because it might deteriorate the quality of the material.
  • Although, it is much recommended if you use a sprayer in doing the process.
Just a quick note though, you may want to check first the proper steps of cleaning and maintaining the massage chair from its manufacturer.

Usually, these steps and processes are indicated in the instruction manual that is included in the package. So, be sure to read and check this first. It is because, sometimes, there are unique steps and processes needed in every brand, style, or type of massage chair.

The Best Massage Chair of 2019

In totality, all of the massage chairs included in this guide are all great and top of the line. But, there is only one of them that really stands out the most. And this is the Real Relax Electric Massage Chair.
Primarily, this massage chair is versatile and flexible. Users can utilize it either as a normal reclining chair or a great massage chair. And this actually allows the users to fully maximize the product.

And secondly, it is very affordable massage recliner. In fact, the Real Relax Electric Massage Chair is usually seen as the best budget yet all-inclusive massage chair of today. For a price that falls below $1000, you can already experience a great, effective, and reliable massage chair.

Final Thoughts on The Best Massage Chair

Now, before you purchase your best massage chair, make sure that you have everything that you need. The right knowledge, the proper steps to cleaning, the adequate space in your home, the budget, and the best buying decision.

If one or two of these are not really fitting well in your decisions, then you may want to recheck again because it might cost you your time, effort, and money. And surely, you don’t want that.

Also, you may want to consult first with your specialists or physicians if you are suffering from certain conditions. This will help you know whether your physical state is just appropriate to be pampered by a massage chair or not.

But more than anything, buying massage chairs can be really challenging. Nevertheless, with the right decisions, you will surely get the best one for you. In the end, you will be the best one to know which one would fit your needs and wants.
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