Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner Review

Massage therapies have become in demand today. For some reason, a lot of people are really appreciating the benefits that they can get out of it. However, these therapies can be really expensive as well. Which is why many are resorting to massage chairs.
Apparently, the industry of massage chairs is booming these days. Aside from the convenience that it can offer to its users, they are pretty effective and reliable too.
Although it can be a tough decision which massage chair will be the most helpful in terms of therapies, you will surely reap all the benefits once you get the most appropriate chair for you.
Well, not all massage chairs are the same. There are those chairs that can only provide simple and basic massage sessions. Others, however, can ultimately substitute the need for consultation and visitation to therapists.
So, if you are looking for a massage chair that can totally omit your visitations to massage centers, then this Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner review might help you!

Quick Summary

Airbags: Aircell Massage Technology
Rollers: 4
Product Dimension LWH: 65" x 30" x 40"
Product Weight: 249 lbs
Warranty: 3 years
Price: Below $2000

Why It Might and Might Not Be The Perfect Alternative For You

For some people, massage therapies are necessary. But for others, these are not entirely a must-have. But even so, massages can offer several benefits to everyone. The only problem is - which of these massage chairs are the perfect match for you.
So, in order to further help you in your quest, we’ve included some points for you to consider.
The Kahuna LM6800 might be the best alternative to massage therapies for you if:
You are looking for a massage chair that offers chiropractic therapies
You definitely need a Zero Gravity in your sessions
You need an intense level of massage techniques
You include yoga in your therapies
Your therapies are focused on your back
However, this may not be the one for you if:
You are fond of having actual therapists to perform your therapies
You are looking for massage styles that focus on all parts of your body
The durability of the chair is a factor that you gravely consider
You either have a small or large body frame
Your weight is above 240 pounds

Key Features and Spec of The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner

Here are the features and specs that you may get to enjoy or experience if ever you plan to purchase the Kahuna LM6800:
L-Track 4 Roller Massage System & AirCell Massage Technology
The LM6800 Massage Chair from Kahuna features the L-Track 4 Rollers for an intense massage that focuses on the back and hips. The L-Track positioning is very helpful in decompressing each of your spines.
Accordingly, this feature complements very well the AirCell Massage Technology that adds more compression and relaxation throughout the massage. Although the airbags are not really stated, this specific technology makes up for it.
3 Stages of Zero Gravity & Space Saving Technology
This feature is one of the most innovative types in the world of massage chairs. Apparently, the Kahuna LM6800 offers 3 stages of Zero Gravity that lets the users be immersed in absolute zero gravity at their own preference of positioning.
As for the space saving technology, the chair would only need 3 inches from the wall to fully execute the Zero Gravity positions. And unlike other massage chairs, users would only need enough and small space to carry out this massage feature.
Yoga Stretching Program

The Yoga Stretching Program is actually a Kahuna Signature Program that is present in almost all of their massage chairs and products. This feature is ultimately designed to stretch the entire body of the users going to an awakening position and sensation.

Some of the benefits of this program include better blood circulation, pain and joint relief, and arrival to one’s inner self.
SH-Chiro Program

Another Kahuna Signature Program is the SH-Chiro. This program is generally focused on the spinal. Utilizing this feature allows the users to unlock nerve energy that results in relief and better flow down the spin. Hence, it’s like having a chiropractor.

Advantages and Pros

Innovative Features
All of the features included in the Kahuna LM6800 are well-engineered and ergonomic.
Therapeutic Massage Styles
The massage styles are all designed for therapies that can help alleviate several conditions.
Various Massage Functions
The Kahuna LM6800 offers more than 5 manual massages, 6 automatic massages, and 3 speed and strength levels.

Disadvantages and Cons

Not Ideal For Small and Large Body Frames
If you have a petite or large figure, this massage chair may not be quite appropriate for you.
Not durable
While the warranty terms are great and reliable, the materials and structure cannot really last long.
Issues with Some Features
The features are all efficient and effective. However, there are recurring issues and concerns with some of them like the heating functions.

Feedback From Users

“We both enjoy a relaxing massage before we go to bed, and I sleep much better. I also enjoy the yoga stretching function because I get a wonderful stretch and massage after running.”
“The L-shaped massage is great. It looks really nice. Rolls forward when it's reclining so it doesn't have to be so far away from the wall, which is awesome since it's so big.”

In Conclusion: May Replace Your Therapists, Sometimes!

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner offers great and therapeutic massage features, thanks to its well-engineered and innovative massage styles and functions. But while they can be very beneficial and therapeutic, it is not entirely to say that the chair can totally be an alternative to actual therapists.
If you are looking for a simple massage therapy, this chair may provide it to you. But if you have serious injuries or conditions, it is still best that you see a physician or therapists.
Even so, we would recommend this massage chair to anyone who wants to have a basic relaxation, back pain relief, and massage sessions.
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